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Create An Entertainment Center With Stock Kitchen Cabinets

The Fall season is here. It’s time to get your home nice, cozy and full of fun. One great area to enjoy in your home during the cold seasons is your entertainment center. Columbia Kitchens is here to give you a few pointers on how to design an entertainment center that will best fit your space and needs.

The entertainment center is the focal point of all living rooms, but it’s main purpose is to entertain. It is a display cabinet made to look like furniture, and is the highlight of any room that needs entertaining. They can also be found in family rooms, basements, and even bedrooms. It’s a beautiful addition to any home and provides excellent hidden storage spaces for your entertainment equipment including: the television set, DVR, stereo system, video game station, CD’s/Blu-ray’s and more.

At Columbia Kitchens, you can have superb, custom-made entertainment centers produced at an affordable price. By using stock cabinets to design the area, you will find that a high quality, fashionable furniture piece will fit your budget. With this in mind, you should feel happy knowing that you won’t be forced to choose a certain model type and color leaving you with limited options. Using cabinetry allows you to choose the wood & construction type, storage solutions, and color  & doorstyle options; all of the specific options that will best fit your needs.

Allow the center area to house your TV and design the units below to include specialized features such as deep drawers or rollout shelves to provide easy access to individual electronic components. Have adjustable drawer dividers installed to neatly store DVDs and CDS. Consider using pocket doors to hide the TV when it is not being used.

Bookcases, open shelving and/or glass doors are a definite must when designing your display piece. Most of the time books are displayed in open shelving so that they are easily accessible. Other times fine china, plants, and pictures are highlighted behind glass door cabinets with pocket lights. You will want to include these display items to the left and right of the TV for a symmetrical look.

Stock kitchen cabinets are wonderful to use not only because they are an inexpensive option, but because they come assembled. All you will have to do is take the cabinet plan that Columbia Kitchens will provide you with (and has discussed with you already) and install the cabinets accordingly. This way, you won’t have to worry about piecing the unit together piece by piece, and potentially loosing those small needed parts to complete the project. It should take less than two days to properly set up the entire unit using cabinetry.

At the end of the day, your entertainment center should look attractive no matter how it’s designed. It should allow you to store all of your entertainment equipment that is most used in the room that it is in, and be able to hide all of the electrical cords at the same time.

All entertainment equipment should be a measured prior to you buying the cabinets for your entertainment center. Measure wires, jacks and picture frames as well.

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