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Re-Organizing the Home for the Baby

Savio Firmino Collection For Baby Storage

Are you a new parent or planning to be? If so, you should prepare by starting with the home. You will need to re-organize to allow for a clutter-free, safe environment for you and your child.

Having a newborn requires being as organized as possible. With cabinetry storage, you can eliminate the extra stress of clutter allowing full focus to be on the newborn.

From his or her arrival, you can feel at ease knowing where to find the essentials. By re-organizing and creating new storage for the baby, you can sit back and relax with baby, just knowing where to go to find his or her necessities when they are needed.

When you sit down with one of the designers at Columbia Kitchens, they will help you create the perfect layout for your new nursery, and other storage need areas. The new design will help you to be able to sort out all their toys, books, diapers and more.

Prep Work

Before coming in to speak to one of our designers, you should think about the area(s) in which you will primarily use to store the baby’s necessities. Think about where the crib will be best located in relation to the new storage that you will need for the changing station, clothes, etc. It is typically best to measure all four walls of the room, as well as the crib size. This will ensure that there is enough walkway room when adding the new storage. You will also have to factor in any furniture such as rocking or lounge chairs in the layout.

The nursery is just one area that needs to be considered. You will have to factor in organization for the play area, which would house toys, games, and other entertainment items for the baby. You may also want to consider extra storage for the foyer so that you are at ease when arriving and leaving the home. You can create bench seating and storage for the baby’s outerwear and shoes. The kitchen will also need to be prepped for safety and be re-organized for the baby essentials.

Below are tips on the re-organization process, starting from the doorway in.


Create a Clutter-free Entryway

No matter if you’re rushing your baby to day care or going for a nice stroller walk together, your entryway needs to be a clear walkway for the safety of you and your baby. You can accomplish this by creating a storage area and design for your foyer or entryway. Your foyer design will allow you to store outerwear and travel items which would be conveniently be located by the front door. You should also consider creating a bench seat so that storage can be camouflaged below. It will also give you and guests an area to sit while taking off and putting your shoes on.  

You should consider adding coat racks above the bench seating, while covering the back wall, behind the hooks, with a plain or wainscot type panel to match the cabinetry seating below. If there is enough room, you can also add in pantries to the left and/or right of the seating. This will allow additional storage for bigger coats, backpacks, briefcases, strollers, and taller items to be hidden.

Closed or open cabinetry (bookshelf) storage can be used above the coat hooks. This area could be used to store a variety of easy access items such as: diaper bags, diapers/wipes, keys or mail. You could also create a shallow open shelf between the coat hooks and storage above to display pictures.


Kitchen Organization for Baby

You and your baby will be spending plenty of long nights and mornings here. Your kitchen will need storage for bottles, breast pump & parts, sippy cups, and baby spoons, forks and dishes.

To stay organized, have a cabinet just for your baby’s dishware right next to your sink and dishwasher. The wall cabinet to the left or right of the sink can store their bottles and dishes, while one drawer can be can be completely designated for bottle cleaners, baby silverware and small parts such as suctions for the sippy cups. You can include an additional utensil drawer with dividers to separate the items into sections.

Safety is a huge factor when baby is in the kitchen. You should baby proof all areas of the home before the baby arrives, and most importantly in the kitchen. Knives should be removed from the countertops and placed deep in the back sections of the (top) utensil drawer. All outlets should be covered with baby-proof covers. If you are a dog owner, you should remove their food dish and only place it on the floor when it is feeding time. All sharp and glass items should be kept high up at a level so that they are inaccessible to the baby. Cleaning supplies need to be tucked away securely. If they are not in a locked pantry/utility cabinet, and are below a sink base; they should be concealed with using a baby-proof lock.

Don’t let the new baby storage overwhelm you. If you prepare the home ahead of time, you will have no worries when the baby arrives home on his or her first day.

Next week we will continue our discussion on baby storage. We will provide you with additional tips on how to organize the nursery and play area.

Until then, come to Columbia Kitchen’s showroom today where our knowledgeable and professional designers will help make your dream storage a reality!

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