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Organize Your Garage with Cabinetry

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If you’re looking for easy ways to organize your garage, then consider using cabinetry to maintain a more organized storage area.

Garages serve as a storage area for vehicles, tools, gardening and landscape supplies. The primary storage area clears the vehicle storage areas, and should be organized so that items are easily accessible.

When a garage is disorganized, it is easy to misplace small items, which could be essential to any home project. Without organization, it’s becomes easy to be overwhelmed by tangled cords, and cluttered areas with tools, vehicle and garden supplies.

Shelves and kitchen cabinets can provide you the storage solutions you need and transform your cluttered garage into a breathable, organized and welcoming place. Best of all, this can all be done in an affordable way with stylish cabinetry.

The following are ways cabinets can be used to keep your garage organized:

Install wall cabinets and/or shelving. These cabinets can be the primary area for oil and other hazardous items to be stored so that they are safely locked away from kids and pets. Open shelving can also be used at taller heights for non-hazardous items, which will provide you with easier access.

Create the perfect design for your specific storage needs. With proper arrangement, your cabinets can hold trays of unopened seed packets, garden sprayers, vehicle parts, tools and more. Utility hooks can be installed as well to provide hanging for twine and tools. They can be installed in the open wall areas where you can also hang trowels, funnels, tools and more.

Use cubbies and pullouts in your design. Cubbies can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or a combination of the two. They take up a small amount of room, but help you organize greatly. You can leave them open for easy access, or include drawers so that items are tucked away. Pullouts can provide an area for saw blades and specific tool items which need to be organized and hidden for safety purposes.

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