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Designing a Bar Area in the Kitchen

If you’re searching for an affordable way to create a kitchen bar, use cabinetry!

You can ensure a comfortable bar atmosphere for all guests by creating a design out of cabinetry. You can either match to your existing cabinetry, or create a 2 tone stylish look by using an accented color that is different than the kitchen cabinets.

Standard base cabinets are not tall enough for a raised bar look, which is why your designer would use wall cabinets that are taller and shallower. In this set-up, cabinets will sufficiently accommodate bar stools while maintaining an attractive built-in bar look.

Every bar design is unique, but most prefer to include a bar sink on the lower level of the bar area. Wine coolers, racks, cubbies, and stem glass holders are also pretty common to include when designing.

This kitchen bar can be used for quick breakfasts, coffee breaks, informal eating, makeshift bar, or could be used as a craft or homework area for the kids.

Bars are multi-useful, and are the perfect holiday gift for any homeowner to have. They are extremely useful during the holidays for family gatherings since it is an added space for guests to socialize.

The following are bar design tips to help you get started:

Install glass doors to enhance transparency. When wall cabinets are used above the bar, you should consider adding glass doors. This will help all bar users easily find and access items for serving. It will create a visually appealing look and is typical of most bars to have.

Add in wine storage. This will provide an area that is dedicated to handling glass bottles with care. You can also include a wine cooler below for white wines, which can also include a lock for the little ones to be safe.

Use countertop supports. When your overhang is more than 11”, or if your top is not 2/3rd’s supported, you will need to factor in countertop supports in your design. You can use free standing legs, metal supports, large corbels/decorative wood supports, or simply design cabinets at deeper depths to be located at each end of the bar (and middle if needed).

Prepare to have the best social setting of all your friends and family by installing a bar in your home today! Come to Columbia Kitchen’s showroom today where our knowledgeable and professional designers can help make your dream a reality!

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