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Design a “Clutter-Free” Kids Zone

If you have children living in your home or visiting your home, you know one of the most frustrating areas to keep clean and well organized is a children’s playroom or bedroom.

Playrooms and bedrooms often get cluttered with a variety of items your children use on a daily basis. Limited storage space in these rooms keep children from putting items away.

With the proper storage space, you can keep your children’s bedroom or playroom clutter free. One great solution to this problem is to install cabinets in your children’s bedroom or playroom.

Columbia Kitchens is here to provide you some organization tips on how to use cabinets as proper storage space for your children’s rooms, from floor to wall to tall cabinets, your children will have a place to store everything and make for more fun and floor space in their rooms!

You will be able to create this space using our stock, semi-custom, or custom  cabinet lines. With all of the style and design options that are available, you will be able to create fun storage for you and the kids, which could include: storage bins, bookcases, toy organizers, storage cubbies, shelving and shoe slots.

It’s important to keep kids zones organized, not only for you, but for them as well. Childhood is an important time for children to develop organization skills that will follow them through their entire lives.

If staying organized is made fun when children are young, being clean and orderly will become second nature to them.

Columbia Kitchens makes organizing clutter an easy and affordable project by offering the following cabinet storage solutions to improve kids’ room functionality:

  • Stylish Built-Ins. Kids’ dresser and toy chest can be made from kitchen cabinets to use in the bedroom. You can use deep drawers or simply install pullout baskets or bins. Open shelving is always nice with a pullout storage component because it allows for easier access for you and the children.

  • Toddler Clothes Rack. If your children are still in the growing stages, you can create a clothes rack at different levels for them to be able to access their clothing at a special height. In this set-up, you could use a tall cabinet with racks at 2 levels, and have drawers below for their other clothing. Their “off limit clothing”, or clothing for the next week, can be placed on the upper rack, and their Monday-Friday clothing can be placed on the lower rack. Not only will the cabinets be perfect height and width for them, but it will also make them feel like big kids to pick out their own wardrobe everyday.

  • The Changing Table. If you are a first time parent, one of the best things you can have in a kids’ room is a changing table. You can use a portable  island as your changing dresser, and make it whatever size you like!. The style and storage components are also up to you. Whether you decide to use drawers, roll-out trays or shelving; you will be sure to be able to keep diapers and other nursery supplies out of sight when the changing table is not in use. As your children grow up, this unit can be used for storing linen and other over “overflowing” supplies.

  • The Window Seat. Cabinets that are usually used to go above refrigerators can make for great extra seating for story time. Store toys, blankets and bedding below to optimize your storage area.

  • Underbed Storage. Cabinet drawers can be built under the bed to hold toys, books and even be outfitted with a mattress when your children have sleepovers.

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