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Standard, Semi-Custom, Custom Cabinets: What’s The Best Choice For You?

Are you considering remodeling the home and don’t know where to start? If so, add value to the home by starting with the kitchen. You will be able to improve the look of your home and functionality of your kitchen all at the same time by purchasing new cabinetry.

Cabinetry choice is all about the level of personalization and customization you are comfortable having in your home. Price is an important factor, but choosing the right cabinetry is a more important factor.

If you are not sure what the difference is between standard, semi-custom, and custom cabinets, Columbia Kitchens is here to help you choose the cabinetry that will best fit your needs.

Standard Cabinetry, also known as stock cabinetry, is offered in a limited variety of sizes, styles and finishes. If you are a budget-conscious homeowner that likes choices in design to be very simplistic, this might be the best cabinetry for you. Standard cabinetry is highly affordable, and is less expensive than refacing. It allows you to have a new design with all new cabinetry instead of just replacing the doors, which is what the refacing program is all about. There are also more door style and finish options with a stock line than there are when you reface. So why settle for less than new cabinetry? Styles, sizes, and finishes are considered limited when we compare them to semi-custom and custom lines, but there are still a wide variety to choose from, including painted finishes and glazes, and the popular Espresso color over maple that everyone loves to use for accents. You can upgrade to solid wood drawers and even plywood construction in a stock line, while staying price conscious all at the same time.

If you prefer a broader selection of higher quality door styles and finishes, standard cabinetry won’t be enough to satisfy your needs. Semi-Custom Cabinetry would be your next step up price-wise, and will make for an excellent choice if you are looking for specific sizes or accessories. Semi-Custom Cabinetry is often made of higher-quality materials than standard cabinetry, but isn’t as much as custom. It’s a great way to go if you are sure that you want all of the upgraded construction options since they start out with all plywood construction, and give you the upgraded drawers standard. There is no way to downgrade, but if you are sure that you want cabinetry that is durable, and of higher quality, semi-custom is what you should select. You can personalize your space with ease with all of the options that semi-custom lines have to offer, without the stress of feeling limited to certain styles, sizes or colors.

If you are looking for specific construction options, sizes, or finishes, you may need to go with custom cabinetry. Custom cabinetry is different between standard and semi-custom cabinetry because it is constructed and finished like fine furniture. In other words, if you want to upgrade to the highest quality construction level in a semi-custom line, you should consider moving up to a custom line where it would be considered standard.

With Custom cabinetry you will have complete control over sizing and configuration, color and interior features for your cabinetry. This includes using exotic woods from around the world that you can’t get from any stock or semi-custom line. As for the price and lead-time of full custom cabinetry, that all depends on your level of customization, the availability of products and the techniques required to complete the job.

Columbia Kitchens is here to produce the best design plan possible using the cabinet line that best suites your needs. Our professional staff will guide you into the differences between all of your options, and help you determine what line will be most suitable for you, your design, and your budget.

If your kitchen needs quality kitchen cabinets installed, come to Columbia Kitchen’s showroom today to explore all of your options, and make your dream kitchen a reality.

Here are our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services:

At Columbia Kitchens we offer stock builder grade cabinets for immediate purchase or you can choose from our semi-custom and custom lines which are all displayed in our beautiful showroom. When you arrive, we will also show you our vast array of custom countertop options which include: Laminate, Corian, granite, marble, Vetrazzo (recycled glass), Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq, Caesarstone, Eco, Hanstone, Swanstone, and cultured marble.
Columbia Kitchens offers all this plus FREE estimates, FREE design services, and FREE in-home measuring all done by our friendly, creative staff of professionals.

Let us create the design of your dreams today!

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