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Keep your Kitchen in Order by Storing Effectively

Kitchen organization can be very tedious, but is essential to any functional kitchen. Utilize your kitchen cabinetry effectively by organizing items where they are best used.

To organize your cabinets efficiently, focus your attention on where your store items are currently and figure out where they would be more effectively used.

Here are a few tips that will help keep your kitchen in order:

1. Group similar items together and arrange them in zones.

2. Chose kitchen cabinet storage solutions in your new design: Shelf dividers, roll-out trays, trash pullouts, tilt-out trays, lazy susans, spice and can pullouts and drawer inserts.

Shelving will double your shelf space. Lazy susan and door inserts will make smaller food items like spices and jars easier to reach. Drawer inserts will help keep utensils and spatulas organized. Trash pullouts aide in recycling while tucking away inside a cabinet so that the trash isn’t an eye soar. Roll-out trays make items more visible and easier to reach. Tilt-out trays hide sponges behind the dummy drawer front of the sink base.

3. Re-organize your storage and maintain it when re-stocking and cleaning.

4. Keep heavier items in base cabinets or pantries where they are better supported.

Below is a list of ways to effectively organize items in your top and bottom cabinets:

Wall Cabinets:

Food: Group food, spices, and bottles and designate them to go on specific shelves. You will want to store them in the cabinet that will be easily accessible when they are needed. Spices should be placed in a wall cabinet to the left or right of the stove so that they are easy to reach when cooking. Can goods and box items should be placed in a pantry or wall cabinet near the stove or fridge area. By placing food items in this area, you make it easier to access your food supplies while prepping, chopping and mixing. 

Glasses and Dishes: These items should be grouped directly over your dishwasher or the drying rack for easier clean up.

Cookbooks and Tupperware: Place these items on the top shelves of any wall cabinet that isn’t full already. You will not be reaching for them as often as you would food products and dishes.

Base Cabinets:

Appliances:  All mechanical appliances should be stored in the bottom cabinets of your main work area for easy accessibility. If you use any appliance on a daily basis, you can move it to the counter top and purchase an appliance garage to hide it away behind a roll-up door. 

Pots, Pans and Baking Sheets: Store these items in a base cabinet near the stove. In your new design, you could include a pots and pans base which features 10” deep drawers that are built to hold heavy items. You could also include roll-out trays to do the same. Your pots should nest together. Store lids vertically. Baking and cooking sheets should be stored vertically in a base cabinet next to the stove. 

Mixing Bowls, Cutting Boards and Salad Spinners: Always keep these items close to the drying rack or dishwasher to make clean up easier.

-Utensils, Towels, Plastic Wrap, Aluminum Foil, and Junk: Organize smaller like items, separate and store them in your shallow drawers.

Cleaning Supplies: Place these valuable items in the bottom of your sink base. This space is perfect for storing bottles, sprays, buckets, rags and cleaning agents.

With proper organization of your kitchen cabinets, you will make your kitchen highly functional and enjoyable. Columbia Kitchens will guide you through the process and will help you create the dream kitchen that you deserve. If you need to improve the functionality of your kitchen, then give us a call today!

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