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Creating the Perfect Office Area for Your Home

If you are looking to incorporate an office somewhere in the home and aren’t sure where it would best fit, you should consider stopping in to Columbia Kitchens to discuss your options with one of our professional designers. For now, here are some helpful tips to consider:

There are many areas in which the office can be located in your home, but consider where the best place to work should be. If you only need a small area to sit the laptop on and will be used for the children to do homework, you may consider including a seating area and office storage in the kitchen. This way, you can monitor the kids while you are cooking dinner. It could be a quick reference area and used to store your mail, keys, and message center.   

If your kitchen isn’t large enough to be able to accommodate this workspace, then consider incorporating it in the dining room, den, guest room, or basement. These rooms are preferable since there would be more privacy and less noise, allowing for more work to get done.  

Design Options
With all of the cabinetry options that Columbia Kitchens has to offer, you have an unlimited amount of options to choose from when you are creating your workspace. Consider what you are going to store in the area and how it would be most effective for you and the work flow.

You can create almost any size or shape desk with the unlimited amount of doorstyle, finish and construction options that we have to offer. Whether you are looking for a desk which is comprised of primarily drawers, or a specific paint finish, we will have the materials to make your dream design a reality.

Here are some ways cabinets can be placed to optimize space and create the desk of your dream:

  • Include Bookcases in the design. A bookcase can fulfill all the storage needs of a work area in a simple set-up consisting of open shelving. All that is needed beyond the bookcase would be adequate desk storage and outlets for computers, printers and task lighting.
  • Include  a secretary wall unit .  A secretary will allow you to store mail, envelopes, paper, and helps with organization.
  • A Message Center should be considered if you are looking to write notes for you or your family, and is an area to store keys. Most of the time a message center is included in an office space when it is located in the kitchen near a main walkway or frequently used back door. You’ll never have to worry about loosing your keys or forgetting the day’s tasks with a message center installed.
  • Design with  style by using horizontal style  cabinets with doors that hinge upwards. Give the area unique, modern look with “flip-up” doors. This new style has become very popular because of the sleek overall appearance that it gives. It also allows for wider items to be placed in the cabinet since there is no center stile to have to work around. This is typically used when choosing a slab or shaker style door because of the simplicity in the look, which is meant to appear as European.
  • Create a  computer space in front of a window.  A nice feature to have in any office is an office with a view. This may not be possible in having  an office in the kitchen, but is very likely to have in an office which is located in the dining room, basement, or guest room. Seeing the sights will help give you a break from work and put your mind at ease.
  • Include Pictures and decorations .  Don’t leave the area looking bland. Decorate the area with pictures, paintings, and plants to make the area feel comforting.

Columbia Kitchens is here to create a one-of-a-kind office that fits in with your personality and compliments the rest of the home and room that it is in.

The perfect office setup can be created in a variety of ways and will be unique to every home.

Let Columbia Kitchens design the perfect home office layout for you today. We are here to provide the storage space you need and the easy organization solutions you want.

Come to Columbia Kitchen’s showroom today to explore all of your home office options.

Here are our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services:
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