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Affordable Kitchens: How to Upgrade Your Look Without Emptying Your Wallet

If you’re looking for affordable ways to update your kitchen, there are several options available.  Whether you are remodeling your entire kitchen, or simply adding some new, fresh, features, transforming your kitchen into a modern space doesn’t have to be expensive.  Columbia Kitchens offers products to meet your needs and your budget, while helping you design the perfect blend of work areas and entertaining space for your kitchen.


Sometimes, your kitchen just doesn’t function and needs to be changed.  Maybe it needs to be bigger or just reconfigured to better suit your lifestyle.  Remodeling can be accomplished on a budget.  Cut costs by paying only for the options and features in cabinetry that you will actually use, and by upgrading only exposed cabinets, while utilizing all available space.  Many cabinet features look great in the showroom, but look at how they will function in your house.  Columbia Kitchens offers quality cabinets at reasonable prices and our designers can create a new kitchen layout to work with your family and your wallet.


In many cases, homeowners are content with the layout of their kitchen and choose to just replace the old or damaged cabinetry with new, improved cabinets.  You can choose from stocked cabinets available for immediate purchase or you can order cabinets to truly customize your kitchen.  With so many different cabinet lines, there are hundreds of styles to choose from in all price ranges.  These new cabinets can also contain upgraded wood drawers, soft close options, roll-outs, and other desired accessories without changing the original footprint of your kitchen.

Of course, this option is less than a complete remodel, but very often it is also less than “re-facing” which is when the existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts are refinished to look new, but the inside of the cabinet remains the same.  Let Columbia Kitchens surprise you with how affordable it is to replace rather than re-face and enjoy your new kitchen cabinets inside and out.


Even if new cabinets aren’t in the budget, you can still transform your kitchen into a beautiful room by updating your chipped, stained, or outdated countertops.   The best kitchen countertop selections are usually neutral tones that will work with any décor.  But, if you are adventurous, there are many eye-catching top surfaces using bold colors and wild patterns, which you can choose from to make a statement with your kitchen.  Custom made countertops featuring laminate, solid surface, natural granite, and manufactured stone are all great choices to consider.  Select the best surface for your lifestyle, design preference, and price point, but don’t forget to tie it in with your existing cabinetry so it doesn’t look out of place.  No matter which surface you choose, Columbia Kitchens is here to help you get the look you want.


The smallest change can still make a big difference in the appearance of your kitchen.  Adding or replacing the hardware on your cabinets is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to change the entire look of your space.  Switching from brass to stainless steel knobs will instantly modernize your kitchen.  Another mini-makeover for your kitchen is adding a glass door to accent a cabinet.  Pick an opaque or patterned glass to conceal the contents of the cabinet while giving a sleek, new look to the kitchen.  These little changes can really refresh your kitchen without spending a fortune.

Whether you want to create a place for family fun or endless entertaining, Columbia Kitchens can help to transform your kitchen using affordable upgrades without breaking the bank.

At Columbia Kitchens, we supply custom made countertops featuring laminate, solid surface, manufactured stone, natural granite, as well as cultured marble.  We also stock builder grade cabinets for immediate purchase or you can choose from deluxe or semi-custom lines of cabinetry all displayed in our beautiful showroom.  We offer all this plus, FREE estimates, FREE design services, and FREE in-home measuring all done by a capable, friendly staff of professionals.

Let us create the kitchen of your dreams today!

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