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3 Ways To Green Your Kitchen

Are you trying to make your kitchen a Green Kitchen? If yes, we are here to tell you how to green your kitchen. Read below to get started.

Did you know your home air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air? If you did not know, it is true. Your kitchen is a major source of indoor air pollution. You can improve your family’s health and lifestyle by greening your kitchen. Below are some ways to do it:

 Switch to Green/Eco-friendly Cleaners

 Under your kitchen sink is where most home pollutions are located in your home. They come in the form of cleaners stored in your kitchen. Lids can be closed and chemicals can still escape and harm your family. Some home cleaning polluters are window cleaners, air fresheners and oven cleaners that have butyl cellosolve in them. Butyl cellosolve can cause liver damage; kidney damage, reduced fertility, testicular damage and can depress the nervous system.

To resolve this problem, use natural, green cleaners. Some green cleaners are baking soda, vinegar, lemon and borax. They are safe, natural and inexpensive.

 Choose Healthy Cabinets

 Cabinets can be a source of air contamination because pressed wood cabinets contain formaldehyde that can cause learning disorders in children. Pressed wood cabinets can off-gas for months and expose your family to fumes.

To resolve this problem, purchase cabinets that have already completed most, if not all, the off-gassing process. You can also buy cabinets with no or low-VOC ingredients. Get cabinets made with sustainable, harvested wood.

Use Low-VOC Paint

 Normal paint contains benzene, a human carcinogen. It can cause leukemia, bone marrow failure, and abnormalities. To green your kitchen, use paint with low VOC or zero VOC. Always paint with windows open.

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