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3 Tips On Positioning Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering installing new kitchen cabinetry? If yes, we are here to help by providing you a few tips on how to position kitchen cabinets during kitchen remodeling. Read below to get started.

Kitchen cabinets come in a range of designs that give you many options of style and color to complement your home lifestyle. The challenging part is how to arrange your cabinets for the best appearance. When positioning kitchen cabinets, you need to balance functionality and style. Do you want a wine rack? Do you want a foldout pantry cabinet or slide out drawers? These are necessary questions you should ask yourself.

Envision a Work Triangle

You need to figure how cabinets will affect people moving in and out of your kitchen. Look at the distance between appliances and items you use for food preparation. A kitchen remodeling project should always improve function. This means you need a work triangle between your sink, the stove range and refrigerator. Do not make walking from one point to the next difficult. A good suggestion is to place lower cabinets near your refrigerator to make taking food out of the refrigerator easier, as well as the transition of setting food on the counter.

Have Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

A standard kitchen cabinet is 34.5 inches (including countertop thickness and height) and lower base cabinets are 24 inches deep. When positioning base cabinets, make sure walking space remains. There should be at least 4 feet of open floor space near your cabinets, drawers and stove.

Focus on Kitchen Design

For kitchen design, keep things symmetrical. You can do this by positioning upper cabinets on the sides of your sink and stove range. You can place a pantry cabinet near the refrigerator. You may prefer an island cabinet with eating bar on the backside. This will give you an extra eating space without shrinking floor space.

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