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How To Beautify Your Bathroom With Stylish Countertops

Remodeling your bathroom can be a fun and creative experience, if you choose gorgeous countertops that go well with the tiles, flooring, and cabinetry of your bathroom décor.

Granite, manufactured stone, cultured marble, and Corian are the most popular types of surfaces used for bathrooms, and should be considered when making your selection.

Cultured marble and Corian countertops are particularly popular bathroom countertop choices if you are going for a seamless look. Your vanity sinks and backsplashes can be moulded into the top as one piece leaving no room for caulk lines and crevices that you will have to worry about cleaning. These integrated options are only offered in cultured marble and Corian and are a preferable choice because of this. Cultured marble, however, is not repairable, but is your best choice for your budget. If you prefer a surface that is repairable, Corian would be the better option.  

Stone products such as Granite or Quartz should be used if you are looking for a surface that is scratch and stain resistant. Granite gives you an exotic, bold look, with inconsistent variation highlighting the beauty of being a natural stone. Quartz stone patterns are typically a very consistent pattern, unlike granite, but are favorable when you are looking for consistency. Granite patterns always vary, and are never the same with each slab.

If you desire stunning yet cost effective bathroom countertops, come in and talk to one of our professional staff members who will guide you through all of your options and help you determine what surface is best for you and your bathroom.

For additional information on quartz and granite countertops, read the Columbia Kitchens article entitled Countertop Options for the Bathroom to get more in-depth information.

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Here are our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services:
At Columbia Kitchens we offer stock builder grade cabinets for immediate purchase or you can choose from our semi-custom and custom lines which are all displayed in our beautiful showroom. When you arrive, we will also show you our vast array of custom countertop options which include: Laminate, Corian, granite, marble, Vetrazzo (recycled glass), Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq, Caesarstone, Eco, Hanstone, Swanstone, and cultured marble.

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